Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tyler & Mckenzie's wedding!

We've have had quite an eventful few weeks. It's started the end of June Jayden was sick one week and then Jennilyn got a fever the next week on Thursday and Chris's family flew in on Friday night for Tyler & Mckenzie's wedding on Saturday. Sadly I forgot my camera, so thanks to everyone for the pictures. Jennilyn decided to cry through the whole ceremony. Thanks to Chris's cousin, Paige taking her so I could stay! But that was only the beginning of our day! Jennilyn thought she'd cry pretty much all day.
Mindy and a friend sang a song at the wedding. It was really beautiful!
Thankfully the weather decided to corporate for us and it was a beautiful day! NO RAIN!! :) After the wedding I took Jennilyn for a ride in the car to HOPEFULLY get her to fall asleep. And it worked! She took a quick cat nap, but it at least made her happy for a few hours. Before the reception I took the kids to my brother and sister-in-laws house for a nap! Thanks Jared & Jess that really saved us and we had at least one happy kid all night. Jennilyn was just ready to be by herself! It was overall a great day! Congrats Tyler & Mckenzie! We're so happy for you!
Uncle Tyler & Jayden.
My little sweetheart. I just love both of these so I had to put them up

Family Photo
Jayden had a blast just running around with all the kids and having his freedom
He seriously had to go around and touch everythingThe Happy Couple
The Happy Couple again
Aunt Mindy & Jennilyn
The cool cake

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Anne said...

Sorry that she wasn't happy....she looks SUPER content and sweet in those pictures though! I'm glad that it was good weather and that Jayden was able to explore and enjoy the wedding as only a little boy can! I love your family picture!!!