Thursday, May 6, 2010

Our Crazyness!

Be prepared this is really long!
I feel like the past few weeks have just been RUN RUN RUN for us. And sadly the kids ended up sick for most of it. It doesn't make for fun traveling.

Chris' sister, Nicole married Juston Riley in the Salt Lake Temple on April 9. It was a beautiful day and such a beautiful sealing. We are so happy for them! They had a luncheon before the wedding at the Lion House! It was delicious! And Mindy & Andrea sang a song and did a great job! Juston's family told some fun stories and played a cute game to see how well they know each other. I was quite impressed. They know each other very well. It's a great way to start a marriage!
They did it!
The Happy Couple
Jennilyn with the Bride
The sisters, Andrea, Nicole, MindyJayden was styling his shades on our way to the wedding
The kids outfits. I didn't actually take any pics of them
Then that night we headed up to Idaho. We spent the night at my sisters with the rest of my family. I think there were about 27 of us in there. It was full, but it's always more fun to have everyone stay together! Thanks Jenn for putting up with us. Jennilyn wasn't really feeling very good and wouldn't go to sleep so I ended up taking her out for a drive at midnight til she fell asleep! Then when I brought her back and got out of the car it was a little too windy and she woke up. She did fall back asleep thankfully! But she wouldn't sleep by herself, so she slept with me and Chris slept with Jayden. Jayden slept good, but he woke at one point cause he had rolled around on the floor and ran into the toys. It scared him pretty bad! That morning my niece, Lyndzee got baptized. It was so fun. Jayden has talked of nothing else since. He is very excited to get baptized himself!
We had lunch and headed out to Lewiston Utah for Nicole and Juston's reception. They did a beach theme and it was a lot of fun! Jennilyn is really working on her attitude and she throws a fit over everything. There were ceramic little fish on a stick that they put in pots like flowers, and she thought it was a sucker and wanted it so bad, but obviously she couldn't have one. Needless to say she spent most of the night pouting on the floor. But at the end some of the other kids got to play with them and she came over to me and showed me her fish. She tried to eat it, but realized it wasn't a sucker. BUT she did win! She got her fish! We had a late night, and a long weekend, but a lot of fun!

The kids got more sick every day and we were to fly out on Thursday! I was really having a hard time. I don't like flying with kids and I really didn't want to fly with sick kids. So Wednesday Jayden was feeling better, but Jennilyn had a fever so I took her in to make sure it wasn't an ear infection. It wasn't but they did give her some medicine to help with her cough and sore throat! We had to leave the house by 4:30am Thursday morning to make our 7am flight, so we tried to put the kids to bed at 6. Jayden went down, but Jennilyn fought us for 3 hours. We made it through the airport, no problems. (I LOVE the salt lake airport. They are so much more friendly then anywhere else) The kids slept for about the first hour on the plane, then they were up. And they did really well. I mean I can't expect them to be perfect! We had a short layover in Detroit and Jennilyn was exhausted so I put her in the baby carrier and walked down the moving walks (Like a flat escalator thing) at least 50 times back and forth. But she did fall asleep. We had a fun weekend with everyone in New York and the reception was beautiful and fun! Jayden was sick, so he was either with Chris or me all night! I was sad cause he just loves to dance, and he missed it all! Jennilyn had her wonderful attitude issue again, but she had some fun dancing and meeting new people. She went to just about anyone who would pick her up! Chris had the DJ play a song we could cowboy cha cha too. It made my night. But it was only us and Juston and Nicole out there and they certainly showed us up. We decided we need to learn some spins or something. But it was a lot of fun!
They had fun with the cake!
Jennilyn loves animals. She had a blast with Nadia, the dog. Poor Nadia would run from her, but Jennilyn was very entertained
Jayden & Josiah. These 2 are best buds. Josiah's mom was out of town for school stuff, so he spent a few nights with us. These 2 really enjoy having someone around to play with. And Josiah is the first person I've met who has the same birthday as me. We are awesome! (Nadia does share our birthday too)
Sunday morning Chris and I decided that we were going to have a good flight no matter how the kids were. We would be happy and have a good day. So we got to the airport and went to check our bag and my drivers license expired in January. I had no idea. Thankfully the guy was nice and said that because TSA only says it has to be within the year he would let it go. But Delta says it was to be current. So we go to security and they were checking everything. I had some baby apple juice for Jennilyn on the plane and I brought some out and had no issues, so I had some to take back and they had to open them all and test them. I said well I don't want them all because then they have to be refrigerated. The lady that tested them gave me some plastic bags to get ice from the flight attendant to keep them cold. So that was nice. We got on the plane and a guy came on and said that there were 4 infants on board and only 3 infant life vests, so someone with an infant had to deplane. So he checked to see how quickly he could get each of the families to their destinations, and we were flying the farthest so we were the lastest. No one volunteered so he choose the couple he could get the quickest. Well they were fighting him and not wanting to leave so Chris went up to see the problem and the husband was going for interviews so his wife would have had to stay by herself with the baby and that just didn't seem fair, so we got off and in the process left our baby carrier. :( But we didn't realize it until the next day when we were flying out. So it's gone. Sad day! Anyway they gave us $1,200 in flight vouchers, so that is very helpful, but it was a stressful day! And checked our bag for free! They would have put us up in a hotel and got us a shuttle to the hotel and back to the airport. We of course would rather stay with family, so Chris' sisters came and picked us up. Jayden had a terrible fever all day Sunday so it was a blessing in disguise that we didn't have to fly out on Sunday. Chris and I were very hesitant to say that we were gonna have a great day Monday when we woke up! Monday morning we went back to the airport to do it all over again. This time they checked the bag under Chris so they didn't even look at my license thankfully and they were short on workers, so they didn't test the apple juice. LOL! We were in the front row instead of the back so the flight attendant was right there and very helpful. Jennilyn dumped Jayden's orange juice all over him and he was soaked so he started crying and Jennilyn wanted to sit in the juice on the seat! lol! Then we had a 4 hour layover in Detroit. It's a cool airport tho and we had some fun. They have this walkway that goes underground to get from one terminal to the other. The sides are some sort of glass and they change the lights behind it. So it was pretty cool. We spent some time down there playing and running around and taking pictures. They also have this cool fountain that Jayden absolutely LOVED. The only thing Jayden wanted to eat was mac and Cheese. Since we had a few hours we looked around and we found some at chili's. So the kids both had some and they were happy. They threw a lot of it on the floor, but they had a fun time eating it. They have a tram that goes from one end of the terminal to the other and Jayden kept watching it, so we took him on a ride. He was in Heaven. Before we even took off on our second flight Jayden was out and Jennilyn fell asleep shortly after. Jennilyn slept for 2 hours and Jayden woke up just before we landed. It was a very nice flight! We got lots of compliments on our kids. They seriously were as good as we could expect. We had such a fun time, but we are so happy to be home and to put the kids in their own room!
this is the cool underground walkway
JaydenJayden took this picture. Pretty good huh. The whole famShe was such a trooper. She just sat in the stroller the whole time at the airport for our layover. And she was just happy!Jayden's fountain. On the train at the airport.
Happy Girl
Having fun on the airplane. Jennilyn loved the window and so the 2 of them shared a seat a lotWe changed the kids diapers in the trunk when we got to our car. They thought it was the coolest thing ever

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Anne said...

You guys are AMAZING! You definitely had quite a month! It looks like you had a good time though. You are just the CUTEST little family!!!! :O) I am glad that things worked out for you in the end! Have fun on your next adventure!