Thursday, May 6, 2010


A couple weeks before Easter my whole family went to Tabiona for a wedding reception of a friend, and we celebrated Easter with everyone here. We did our traditional Easter Egg hunt, which the kids had a blast. There were a few mice running around that I wasn't too excited about, but the kids sure were.
Jayden had a blast. He is really catching on to this whole I get candy in these eggs thing and he loves it.
Jennilyn was struggling walking around carrying her basket and she fell down
And then just decided to stay there
Here are all the grandkids and Alesha with grandma & grandpa
Silly kids! Jennilyn kept walking away every time I would set her down. She is just at that age where she wants to get out and explore. But we were able to get some cute pictures!
Aunt Camilla asked if any of the kids would share their candy with her. This is what she got. I guess they love her
Chris' family was here for the real Easter and we had a fun time. We played lots of Mario cart, and Wii games and had way too much fun laughing!
Every time a purse was left on the floor the kids attacked it. They got lots of gum, some phones, cameras and some glasses
I think these are Grandma's glasses. Silly boy! He looks real smart though.
Rock-a-bye is her new favorite word
Aunt Mindy and Jayden being the Easter bunny
I took Jayden to the Spanish Fork Easter Egg Hunt. He was scared to death at first, but he had a good time and got some yummy candy and some fun toys! He was even nice enough to share with his sister since she didn't get to hunt.
Jayden and Jennilyn got little sleeping bags for Easter. Grandma Turnbow was kind enough to make them for me. They love them so much!

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Anne said...

You guys definitely know how to party! Way to go Jayden and that is sweet of him to share with his sister!