Thursday, May 6, 2010


Jayden keeps us all laughing. He's a lot of fun and never stops going. He is accident prone though, but of course they are just minor accidents.
This is a blow up chair but there is a hole in the arm rest part, so that part is flat. He was able to squeeze his head through, but then had some troubles getting it out. Scared the kid to death
He hits his head on everything and always needs a band aid. Thankfully he learned his lesson with this one and doesn't ask for them on his hair anymoreAt wal mart last week he was sitting on the edge of the cart with his feet in the basket, and we moved the cart and he went out right on his head. It was LOUD and HARD. You could hear the thump throughout the whole store. He cried and cried for probably an hour. He had to have a MAJOR headache. I was real worried. Head injuries really scare me. But we just waited it out. He ended up throwing up only once and has been fine. It has made him more scared. Every time he falls or bonks his head he will cry. And of course I'm sure it's a sore spot there and will be for a while. But hopefully he'll get his tough self back!
He can sleep anywhere, which I do love, because Jennilyn can't and WON'T
He Loves his daddy so much. He always wants him when he gets hurt, even when I'm the only one home.
He reads the newspaper just like his daddy, although I've never seen his daddy read on the counter like that.
We are working on getting him to go to the bathroom on the toilet! He doesn't really like it most of the time, but he's been doing quite well!

He loves to draw. Sometimes he misses the paper
Like any 2 year old he LOVES the toys at the stores. I have never actually put money in to turn one on, but he sure loves to sit on them or in the cars and pretend to drive
He got invited to his first real birthday party. He was so excited, but when we got there he wouldn't walk in the front door. So I stayed at the part with him. I wanted to teach him that Birthday parties are fun and he should want to go. But he just loves me too much I guess. He has the same problem with nursery. He just won't go.
But we love him all the same
I FINALLY got a double stroller. It is the greatest investment ever. I LOVE it. Now if only the weather would be nice we could enjoy it

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Anne said...

He is such a funny boy! I LOVE all of his little adventures. That is so cute that he wants to do what his dad does!!!!