Thursday, May 6, 2010


It is so fun seeing this little girl grow up. She is now 16 months old and is so much fun. She talks a lot. She loves her crib. She loves naptime. She loves her brother so much. I LOVE seeing these 2 play together and interact. It is so much fun! Jayden likes to think he's the mom and can carry her around and help her with everything, but she doesn't quite agree. She has an attitude that I'm not sure I can handle some days. She likes to throw her fits. We find her like this a lot
or this..
She loves her horse, sometimes she can even ride it the right way
She loved to play in my plastic bags, so I put locks on my kitchen drawers
She prefers to wear her bowl as a hat
But she does LOVE to do this, at least during nap time, and that is FABULOUS
And she is our sweet little girl
While we were in Idaho for my niece, Lyndzee's, baptism they had lunch at the church so all the guys could play basketball. And Jennilyn just wanted to be on the floor too
She also enjoyed her chocolate cake a little too much.
Camilla's camera has this cool feature that can make people smile if they aren't. This is Jennilyn


Anne said...

She is such a cutie!!!!!!! I love her little dress for the reception!!!
Luke has already started emptying out my baggies too.

Mariah said...

You my friend have such a cute little family and I am happy for you!!! :o) Can't wait to read more about your life!! Luv ya!!

camillajean said...

You DO know that a couple of times on here you've put on the pic where I've tweeeeked and exaggerated the smile right?? Lol, Jlynn's NOT exaggerated one is cuter .. lol

Jess said...

LOL>...oh if only some of those pictures didn't hit so close to home :) Good thing they are so cute.