Sunday, March 30, 2008


So last month Tyler, Chris' brother who is a snowboard instructor at Sundance took all of us up for a snowboard lesson. It was lots of fun. Nicole and Andrea were in town from New York, so it was all of the kids. Don't worry I survived. I'm not so good with the whole balancing part though. :) Thanks Ty!


Nicole & Andrea

Chris was amazing at it. I was actually surprised how quickly he caught on.
This is us just after the fact. We were soaked through, because it snowed all morning. It was a blast though. Maybe we'll even try it again next year!


madsens said...

Cut how fun. You look alot better than I did after my first try at snowboarding. Good job

Anne said...

Way to go! I had a difficult time trying to ski, I can't imagine snowboarding!!!! Looks like everyone had fun and that is cool that all the kids were out here too.