Friday, March 21, 2008

I Finally Started!

Well I've been keeping up on everyone else blog, and finally decided to start my own. So, here it goes! :) First I have to agree with Jennifer, this stuff is hard to figure out. I think I've been going at it for like an hour now. (And I thought I knew computers.)

So Jayden has just started scooting forward. Yesterday he started this army crawl that is so cute. Today he even got up on his knees and maybe moved a knee or 2.


We're learning how much we need to baby proof the house. The other day while I was making dinner Jayden was in the living room and all the sudden he stopped making noise. So I came to check on him and he was under the desk playing with all the cords to the computer. He can just get right under the chair. Silly boy! It's so exciting to see him move, but it also is keeping me alert.


Anne said...

Yeah!!!! I am sooo excited! Jayden looks soooooo cute in the picture at the top. Where did you take it at? I love it! That jacket is just too cute too, but not as cute as him!

Kristine said...

We took that picture at a little park they just put up here by our apartment. He wasn't a big fan of the swings, but we did get some cute pictures out of it.

Farley & Tina said...

Hey Kristine! I'm so glad you found our blog! Your boy is so big and he is a cutie! What are you up to and where are you living? Are you still in Provo?

madsens said...

How Cute. Welcome to the blogging world,

Camilla said...

Ummm. CUTE!!! Now i'm jealous!! I'm SOOO starting a BLOG!!! haha ... Cuteness! And I DID check out jenns page.. NICE!! HOLY FREAKIN' MOLY!!!!!!!