Thursday, March 27, 2008

BYU Basketball

So about a month ago my dad took us all to a BYU Basketball game. It was a lot fun. BYU totally won by like 20 points. It was very big and very loud and that was definitely not Jayden's favorite part. The noise just scared him. :(

We did learn that if we would hold our fingers over his ears, so he couldn't hear, he was fine. So we fed him a bottle and took turns plugging his ears and he slept through almost the whole first half. :) It sure is a killer on your arms and back though. The second half was spent in the hall mostly.

Jared, Jessica & Jason came. (We didn't catch Jess in a picture though. Sorry Jess!)

Jason had a blast! Alesha is his best pal. :)

We need to take lessons from Jason on how to have fun!! (We're working on not freaking out at loud noises. The blow dryer almost doesn't bother Jayden. But the vacuum, that's another story)

It was our first BYU Basketball game, and I think next time we'll wait til he's about 2 or 3. :)

Thanks a ton for all the photos Mel. You are the greatest!! :)

Thanks Dad & Mom. It was a blast!!


madsens said...

looks like so much fun. its funny how different life is with kids huh

Josh and Melissa said...

Sounds like you guys had a lot of run- poor Jayden! Pretty clever using your fingers as plugs, though. I'm gonna keep that in mind in case we ever need to use it on Kate:) Are you guys going to the ward thing tomorrow?

Anne said...

Go COUGARS!!!! That looks like a lot of fun! Just wait until you have another one. All of the things you figured out with Jayden won't work the same on the next one and then you will have to come up with new ideas. Maybe that is one way Heavenly Father keeps us on our toes and using our little brains! Jarom is good and making me use mine!

Josh and Melissa said...

We will be there! I am glad that you guys are going. Yeah, Thriller should be fun to watch! Hope you guys have a fun night. See you tomorrow!

Katie Smith said...

Sweeeet! You have a blog!! Warning: I stalk blogs, and now I will stalk yours. Hope you don't mind.

We are huge fans of BYU basketball (and every other sport for that matter) and we took Jack to all of the games. It sure does get loud, but maybe Jack is deaf (I shouldn't joke about things like that) because it didn't bother him at all! Crazy kid.