Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My little mover!!

Jayden does some crazy things sometimes. Like one day just after he started rolling over, he was laying on a blanket and rolled over but was holding onto the edge of the blanket and so he took the blanket with him.

And then Yesterday Chris and I were eating dinner and Jayden was playing in the living room. All the sudden is was silent. (I've learned that silence is never a good thing) So we went in and found him in the bottom of his bouncer. He had climbed into his bouncer/walker thing. And he was reaching for cords. (Cords are his favorite. Next to my cell phone!) So, we caught him in the act. He's starting to get into everything. :0)


madsens said...

cute, taylor was sitting on my lap while i read. when she saw jaydens picture she got so excited "baby, baby". Jayden is cute

Anne said...

Just wait!!!! When he starts to walk there will be a big change in the kitchen cupbaords. Actually when they can reach they always go for my drawer in the bathroom with the brushes and hair stuff. I am always picking those up! ENJOY! Very cute kid!

Brian and Kara said...

I can't beleive little kristine has a baby. I swear i havent seen you for years. Cute cute baby:)

Josh and Melissa said...

Yeah! Your blog is so cute. I love the picture at the very top of Jayden- he really is so cute! That's fun- and a little more stressfull probably- that he is moving around!