Monday, December 6, 2010

September & October

For the General Relief Society Meeting all my sisters were in town. It was so fun. We all went up to the Conference Center with my mom and had a blast. Afterward we went and ate at the Lion House. It was yummy. Thanks for getting the tickets mom. It was fun. Lets make a tradition out of it. I like that!
My Brother Jared had his 3rd child on the 28th of September. A little girl and she is just so tiny and adorable. They named her Brinley and the kids just LOVED her so much. Jessica had to help me pull her out of Jennilyn's grasp a few times. It kinda makes me nervous for our next one. Jennilyn will be a great big sister. I'm sure she will want to help so much more than I want.At his Farewell
My youngest brother Spencer went into the MTC. It's been harder on me this time then when any of my other siblings left on their missions and I think I figured it out. I am looking at it more from a mother's perspective and I sure don't wanna send my kids out on their own for 2 years. It sure scares me. I am however grateful that it is quite a few years away . Maybe by then I will feel that I trust Jayden on his own a little more. But we were excited for him to go and start serving the Lord. I know he is going to be a great missionary and the people of New Jersey will be blessed.
The whole group

Anne's boys with Jayden & Jennilyn
All I wanted was a nice pic of us with Spencer and of the kids with Spencer and they did NOT want to cooperate with me. I guess they had too many cousin there to play with.
This is the best we got.
And he's off
Jennilyn learned how to climb out of the crib. I woke up one morning to her standing by my bed. She said "mom I wanted out" lol I cracked up. I tried to get her to show me, but she was pretty scared, so she never did it for the camera.

For Halloween we went to my parents house for dinner and then went Trick or Treating. The kids had a bit of a runny nose, but that wasn't going to stop them from Trick or Treating. They were both crayons and were very excited about it. They LOVE going with my little sister Alesha and hopefully she enjoys it too. While we were out Jennilyn got going a little too fast and totally fell and scraped up her nose. So her and I went home to clean up, but she was not done so we had to go back out and get some more candy. Jennilyn would only carry her bucket when she got to the door for the candy. Then she would walk to the edge of the porch of every house and say "Hold my bucket." It was pretty cute! They got lots of candy and they had so much fun. They are starting to get the hang of it and it just gets more exciting.
It wasn't the best weather, but we got to see some rainbows out of it.
Aubrey was painting Alesha's face, so these 2 needed their faces painted too!
My sister Alesha as the vampire
Here are our faceless crayons
They had fun seeing the kids come trick or treating
My 2 cute little crayons
So it took me until I was 26, but I finally got toilet papered. Not that I was wishing for it... We went to a lodge with some friends for a weekend and my friends Toilet Papered our house. It rained that night.. :( Thankfully it was dry when I cleaned it up. The kids thought it was pretty cool and had a blast helping me clean it up. lol! Thankfully there wasn't much.

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Umm.. I pretty much LOVE some of the pix from Spence MTC .. LOL!!! hahahaha .. funny. Ha. I can't believe he's been gone a YEAR!!! WHOA!