Monday, December 6, 2010


It's a..... Girl! We found out on Chris' birthday that we are having another girl. We took the kids with us to the ultrasound and they were very excited. Jayden kept asking if she could walk and talk and eat. It was cute.Align Center
For Chris' Birthday I decided to try and surprise him. He really wanted a new phone and we put my sister on our cell phone plan and she was up for a new phone so he decided that he would ask her if he could use her upgrade. So I asked her and she said she wasn't gonna use it. So I asked her to tell him that her phone was dying when Chris asked. So she did and he was kinda hurt, but he couldn't get mad cause it was hers to use. (And she has been having bad luck with phones, so it kinda worked out great) So I was thinking maybe once I will be able to surprise him. He always figures things out cause he thinks about it too much so I have never yet surprised him. So we went and got the ultrasound and then I asked if he wanted lunch and it wasn't even 11 yet, but we decided to pick something up and he could take it to work. So I drove and we went to the Verizon store. He smiled when we got there and he totally had figured it out the night before while he was lying in bed trying to go to sleep. Darn him. I can NEVER surprise him. I would have to turn his brain off for the whole time and I don't think that is possible. But he did get a new phone and he loves it. Happy Birthday honey! WE LOVE YOU!
We went to the Mall and rode the Train. The kids absolutely LOVED it! Me, I would have been fine not riding. lol!
We were able to go to New York for Thanksgiving, thanks to our flight vouchers that had to be used within the year. Our trip over was long. We left our house at 6:40am and went to the airport. We flew out at 9:45. Landed in LA at 10:45 then had a 2.5 hour layover and then had a 4 hour flight to Detroit where we had an hour and a half layover. The kids were AMAZING! It was a long day, but it was good. I had a rough time. I don't like the smaller planes or take off and landing. I really thought I was gonna throw up on a few flights. Thankfully I didn't. We didn't land until 11pm. We had a nice relaxing week. We had a full house for Thanksgiving. It was fun we were able to see most of the family out here. We were going to go into NYC to meet up with my cousin and her family on Saturday, but Jennilyn woke up at midnight and wouldn't go back to sleep until after 5 and Jayden didn't go to sleep til almost 1. I decided that I shouldn't leave Jennilyn not knowing if something was wrong with her, and there was no way I would last all day in the city walking around. So we canceled. I was so bummed. It would have been fun, but Jennilyn ended up being fine. IDK what he problem was. She just didn't want to sleep. Thanks mom and dad for making us feel at home! Jennilyn got her first bloody nose. She was standing between Chris and I holding onto our legs and then her hands slipped and so she had nothing to catch her fall. She hit her face hard. So her nose started bleeding, thankfully it wasn't very bad. Our trip home was about the same as the way over. We flew out at 12:30pm and stopped in Detroit for an hour and a half and then flew to Las Vegas where we had a 50 minute layover. They boarded us early since everyone was checked in and they told us we were going to try to get out early. It was only a 50 minute flight into SLC. So just as they were getting ready to pull away from the gate a half hour early, there was some error on the computer so they had to check that out. We sat on the plane for 2 hours before they finally got it fixed and we took off. Thankfully our flight was only about half full, so we had a whole row of 6 seats to ourselves. Otherwise it would have been pretty rough, but the kids had fun playing around. We landed in SLC at 10pm and we were so happy to be home.
The boys
The girls
As we were walking past this guy in the LA airport Jennilyn said " That guy silly" So we had to take a picture by him. They were both trying to get the peace sign down. haha
Jayden asked me if my arms were tired from carrying my backpack. I said ya so he said I will help you and I'll carry yours and Jennilyn can carry mine. LOL! Everyone was cracking up that walked past us. One guy asked Jayden if he would carry his bag too. Jayden didn't respond. He had to bend over or he would fall over backwards.
For one flight Jennilyn was so tired, she was out before we even took off.
In Vegas there were a bunch of rocks and Jennilyn decided they were her phone.
Playing on the plane while we waited

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