Monday, December 6, 2010

Me + Running in flip flops = NOT GOOD

So on November 1 I had a bit of a scare. The kids and I went to return a paper to a neighbor. We got talking and the kids were being crazy, picking all her tomatoes and playing with the neighbors cat. Then the cat went under a truck parked on the side of the road. I told the kids to come away from the truck but of course they didn't listen so I was watching them. Then Jayden started walking around the other side of the truck (The road side) so I yelled at him and he came back. Then Jennilyn did, so I yelled at her to come back and she did. But she didn't come back on the sidewalk. She was standing on the road, but right by the curb. I saw a car coming from the other way so they couldn't see her standing behind the truck. I told Jayden to go bring her to me and instantly I knew that was the wrong thing to do because she will just run from him. I took off running and screaming at her. But I was wearing flip flops and I totally can't run in them and I totally fell like 2 feet from her. Flat on my face. The car saw me and her and stopped. Smiled, probably trying hard not to laugh, and drove past. I just started crying. First of all that is SUPER EMBARRASSING and secondly I seriously saw my little girl getting hit by the car in my head. It was so real to me and it scared me to death. I ripped a hole in my knee of the only pair of pants that currently fit and scraped up my toe and totally cut up one knee. The other one was only a little scraped. I cut up my hands a little, and even what wasn't cut just BURNED. I was a little worried cause I was 18 weeks Prego at the time but my stomach never hurt at all. My hands and knees took the whole fall, thankfully.
So it was pretty much my embarrassing moment of the year, but when it comes to your children it really doesn't matter!

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Merri said...

I had something similar happen to me! I was 8 months pregnant with Emerson and I thought for sure Carson was going to get hit. I ran out to the road and luckily all was well, but I know what you mean when you can see in your mind your child being hit. I have never been so scared in my life!