Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Santa Claus & Temple Square!

We stopped by the mall to see Santa since we missed him at our ward part and Jayden was very excited until we sat him on Santa's lap. haha! I think all of our pictures on Santa's lap look like this! It was Jennilyn's first time and she wasn't a fan either. We'll have to work on that. Maybe next year they will both like him! And they only got a coloring book, no candy, so there was no chance they were gonna warm up to him!
We went up to Salt Lake and met Chris' family, Tyler & Mckenzie and Nicole & Juston. It was so beautiful! Jennilyn wasn't exactly thrilled, but it was fun! There were TONS of people and it was very cold! Nicole & Juston were flying home to New York the next morning so they were staying in Salt Lake. They were SUPER nice and offered to take some of our stuff with them so we would have less to pack around the airport. It was so helpful!

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Jess said...

LOL...LOVE the santa picture that is awesome :) Great job on the posts!!