Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jennette Turnbow

My grandma Turnbow passed away on December 8. She was an amazing woman and will be missed by so many. But I am so happy for all of the wonderful reunions that she has been having in heaven!!! Grandpa passed away 6 years ago and her father died when she was 14! Most of her siblings have died and her mother! Someone said at the funeral that the party is going on over there! She turned 99 in October! She lived a very long and good life. One thing I always remember about grandma is her stories. She LOVED to tell stories. As she got older she loved
talking about the scriptures more and more. She could recite many of them!
This was the day Jonathan came home. She sang Jingle Bells to him and also recited the preamble and the Gettysburg address!
These were taken in February 09. Jennilyn was just over a month old
This was the day Aubrey went into the MTC in 2007! Jayden was just 4 days old
So sweet!
This was taken at my wedding in 2006


Ben and Emily said...

I am so proud to be her posterity!
I love the picture from your wedding! What I neat picture to have!!!

Clore said...

What a beautiful lady! My grandma passed away a while ago and I still miss her. Grandmas are the best thing to have and remember!

Morgan said...

What a beautiful wonderful woman! So fortunate for you to have her with you for so long! Grandmas are the best! I hope shes enjoying her reunion!!!

Baum Family said...

I love the picture of you and her on your wedding day, so sweet.
She was one heck of a lady, so strong and sharp..She was my visiting teacher for years, and helped my mom with us kids while we were growing up.When I think of her I smile. hope you all are doing good..love to everyone

Farley.Tina.Colee said...

I didn't know she passed away! Thank you for this post. I loved your grandma! She was one of the best teachers I had in church.

Anne said...

You have some GREAT pictures! I was there when she came and saw Jayden as a baby! I was amazed that she made it up those stairs to your apartment. That is such a sweet picture of her kissing his hand! If I remember right she gave Chris a kiss on the check when she finally got down all of those stairs! Very Sweet!