Sunday, December 20, 2009


We started out November with my brother Jonathan returning home from his mission in Argentina! We are so happy to have him back with us! It's so fun to see the change after a mission! He's all grown up and an adult!
Jonathan met Jennilyn for the first time and Jayden was 3 months old when he left! Jonathan and most of his sisters! We missed you there Jennifer!
He was spreading his love!
Jonathan & me
The 3 red heads of the family
My Grandma Turnbow was there holding the sign!The whole group!
Some sweet hugs!
We finished up with the Jennilyn's helmet on the 6th of November! I was so excited! She is done. She was still off by 2 millimeters, but her whole head grew 2 millimeters also, so the dr figured the correcting part was complete! We are just glad that we are finished! I'm so glad that it has paid off and her head is beautiful and perfectly round! Well not by the numbers, but it looks like it! I'm also very glad that she was so good through it all. It never bothered her! I took these the morning we got it off!

Chris turned 27 this year.
We had cake and Jayden got to it before I did. haha! He was trying to cut it with a knife! It still tasted good tho!We spent Thanksgiving with my family! We went and found our Christmas tree on Thanksgiving day and then celebrated Thanksgiving on Friday! Jayden had fun riding the 4-wheelers playing in the snow with his cousins! Jennilyn just wanted to lay down and sleep all day and it didn't quite work for her! It was my nephew, Jarom's birthday so we had cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday to him!
Jayden got to help saw the tree down. He was so happy!
Jayden wasn't a huge fan of walking up through the mountain! I carried him most of the way! It was quite the workout for me!!
We weren't at the same spot that we have been for the past like 4 years so our family picture tree wasn't there. but we found a similar one! :0
We had our family Christmas party on Friday night! The talent show was fun, as always, although I never really plan anything... Maybe next year! Jayden & Jason sang the snowman song. It was very cute! They are both SUPER dancers and singers and LOVE the attention! Sadly I didn't have my camera and don't have any pics!


Baum Family said...

Jothan is so cute and funny, good to see he made it home.
So glad her helment helped. It would of been hard to keep that on, your such and good mother and such cute kids, christmas is going to be so fun..Mery christmas.

Anne said...

You have done such a GREAT job at catching up! Beware....when I finally do, it will bet days before anyone will finish reading them! You have such cute little kids! Jason and Jayden were so cute at Thanksgiving. I just sat and watched them and laughed and laughed! CUTE CUTE CUTE! =O)