Tuesday, January 5, 2010


The first of December I was washing dishes (by hand, our dishwasher is not working) and I was washing a glass. As I twisted my hand to wash the inside of the glass the glass broke and sliced my knuckle. It didn't bleed a ton, but it hurt. We debated going in and finally decided to have it checked out. They put 6 stitches in and told me not to do dishes or bend it for a week. Yeah right. I have 2 children who seem to like to be held and have their diapers changed. It was an exciting week! I realized it is very hard not to use your hand! They took the stitches out after a week and put some of that super glue stuff in it so seal it up. It worked, but on occasion it hurts underneath! :) Here are some pictures!
This was just before we went to the dr
After they put the stitches in
After the Super Glue got put on


Josh and Melissa said...

Oh my word- I hope your hand has healed. How is a mommy supposed to function without her hand?!? Also, I love the picture of your kiddos on Santa's lap! Classic! We didn't even try taking Kate this year- we knew she would hate it.

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Sabrina said...

I did that last fall, except I actually cut my finger. I had to have Cindy look at it because it made me sick to look at it. But then it made her sick to look at it, so Robb was my doctor! Anyway, funny story, but I can sympathize. Dishes are dangerous!!!