Friday, January 30, 2009

Jayden update!!

So I thought I'd just post some funny pictures of Jayden. Some of them are from a few months ago, but I just never got around to posting them.

Every morning we wave to Chris as he drives away, and tell him bye and blow kisses. One day Jayden got this idea that he was going to work and he picked up this little bucket and said bye and walked to the door. LOL! He does it all the time..
He got this cute milk mustache after drinking some melted ice cream.
One of Jayden's favorite things to do is to go in the pantry and grab the cereal. I have since moved the cereal boxed up on the shelf, but he'll either just carry around the sack or dump the whole thing on the kitchen floor!!One day Jayden found a pen and I guess his nose itched or something.. LOL :)
He found Camilla's guitar and decided to use it as a horse!
Like father like son, what can I say? He's gonna be a genius just like his dad!
On a not so happy note. Here is Jayden's first bloody nose. I wasn't home, but Chris did excellent and took a picture!
Jayden fell off a stool on our tile floor and landed right on his forehead. Check out that goose egg!


Anne said...

Those are some great pictures! I hope he is feeling better. Those last two are pretty sad. I'm sorry about the cereal, but glad we aren't the only ones. I think he taught Ashton how to blow kisses too. Cute Cute boy!

Farley and Tina said...

That is a huge goose egg! Poor little guy!

Jess said...

OUCH!!! Good thing he's such a tuff little guy! :) Cute pics. Post some more of Jennilyn!!! :) I'm sure she's grown so much. And at that I'll try to do the same of Katie :)

Baum Family said...

He is so cute even wounded he's a doll..

camillajean said...

OH MY GOSH!! The kid is BLEEEEEEEDIN!!! JEEEEEZ!! OMG ... SAD!! Wow .. I am GLAD y'all invented the 'closed restaraunt' business BEFORE I ever babysat him (AKA chairs/stools ON the tables) lol ... MAN!! I would'a FREAKED!!!!! Holy SMOKES!!!!! OMG .. this kid is FREAKIN' CUTE!!! I just LOVE HIM!! He is my BUD :) can I babysit him again? Lol ... we get along REAL WELL .. plus I need to work with him on his dance moves to 'Single Ladies'!! Have you been letting him practice? What about his back flips! C'mon we gotta start workin' on this kids dancin FUTURE!! It's gonna be awesome!!! :) haha ... p.s. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pix!!! :)

Robb and Cindy said...

Poor guy! Sad to say, though, I've seen those kind of pictures in my house. Your family is so cute. Good luck with the sleeping situation.