Monday, November 9, 2009

Pumpkin Carving!

We got a pumpkin to carve the night before Halloween! It was fun. I honestly really don't enjoy carving pumpkins. And we got some pumpkins last year, but never did carve them. So I decided I just wasn't going to say anything this year! But Chris wanted to get it, so we did. And I felt NO obligation to be a part of it. haha! So Chris & Jayden did it. And they did a fabulous job! Jayden LOVED it! So I guess it'll be happening from now on!
My boys, just getting started
Jennilyn got a little too excited when she grabbed that knife!
Jayden digging for the GOLD
This is really what Jennilyn & I did for most of the time! I had to entertain her with the empty box to get her to sit still to cuddle with me!

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