Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We had a fun time this year for Halloween! Last year Jayden was just a little too young to enjoy it. But he had a blast this year! Aunt Camilla helped me come up with a Rock-star outfit, which he just loved. Chris made his guitar and we sprayed his hair blue. That was his favorite part! On Friday Chris' work did a trick or treating to the offices so we went around there and Jayden really loved that! One guy asked if he could borrow his glasses, just joking and Jayden totally took them right off and handed them to him. The guy was shocked that he would give them up that easily. It's nice to know he is learning how to share! Jennilyn was my little pumpkin. Last year we bought her costume at the after Halloween sales and it worked out really good. She was super cute!
Our Rock-star playing for usThe Blue Hair was his favorite part. And it came out SUPER easy!
Grandma & Grandpa Turnbow had us over for dinner and then we all went trick or treating in their neighborhood! Jared & Jessica came so it was fun to have Jason & Katie Jo there too!
After each house Jayden would hand his bucket, guitar & glasses to someone. Grandma ended up carrying the guitar most of the time!
My little Pumpkin & me
These 2 were bunting heads! See whose tougher!
All the kids & Grandpa. Alesha is the ghost, Jayden-Rock-star, Jason-Pooh, Grandpa-zoro, Katie Jo-Piglet, Jennilyn-PumpkinAll of us! Thanks for letting us come share your Halloween!

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