Thursday, October 22, 2009

One of the sweet (or SOUR) moments of my GLAMOROUS life being mom!

The other day I told Chris something about how the kids wouldn't sleep, and they were just being cranky, and then I said "It's just part of my glamorous life being mom" Since then I have had a few of those glamorous moments that you just really would rather not have!
So my cousin Glen got married a few weeks ago in the Rexburg Temple. Since my sister Jennifer lives up there we went up on Wednesday night to stay with her. Jayden wouldn't take a nap during the day, so when we left at 5 he was majorly ready for a nap. So of course he slept until we were about to Ogden. We stopped and got some food and headed on. Jennilyn was being very fussy, and I couldn't figure out what was wrong, so I made her a bottle and she drank most of it and then 4 or 5 times she spit up, so I thought. It wasn't a ton, like throw up, but she hasn't spit up since she was like 6 months old or something. So I was confused. We got in at 10:30, visited and headed to bed about midnight. I had to feed Jennilyn, and Jayden wasn't at all tired, so Chris laid down with Jayden, and after Jayden put Chris to sleep, he came over to entertain me. I tried to get him to lay in his sleeping bag, but he was just too awake. He kept rolling around. I finally got Jennilyn to sleep at 12:30 and laid down. I rubbed Jayden's back, and tried all those things to try to get your kid to sleep. (Did I mention that my cousin Glen had been staying with Jennifer, so he was just in the other bedroom, so I was trying to keep my kids quiet. I didn't want to be the reason the groom was exhausted on his wedding day) I think I fell asleep, and then Jayden came to lay by me. Oh, he had laid his water down on my side of the bed, and so it was wet when I went to bed, so I put a blanket underneath me so I wouldn't get wet, which was brilliant on my part. So he was laying on my arm, and at 1:30 we all woke up to him throwing up all over.. UGH... Luckily I had put a blanket down, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been! So of course it woke up Jennilyn, and Chris. I took Jayden and ran into the bathroom to clean him off. We took a bath and got him all cleaned up. And Chris cleaned up the mess on the bed. We woke up Jennifer so she came to help out. We turned on a movie and that calmed him, and kept a bucket and towels close by. But Jennilyn was now wired and wasn't about to be going to sleep anytime soon. ha. He threw up every 15 minutes for about an hour then it slowed. He would fall asleep in between and then it would scare him when he woke up. Finally at about 3 I got Jennilyn to sleep, but only if we held her so I took Jayden and Chris took Jennilyn and we all went to sleep. I laid Jayden on towels and laid next to him. Jennilyn woke up about 4 so I traded Chris and got her back to sleep and then Jayden woke up about 4:30 and 5:30 and both times, I was upstairs on the couch and I had to go down and wake Chris up to help Jayden. haha! I was asleep too. (Although I guess moms don't sleep very deep when their children are sick) So finally Jennifer's kids got up about 6:30 or 7. It was the longest night ever, and so not fun. So we obviously couldn't have Nicole, Chris' sister, watch our sick kids, so I went to the wedding and Chris stayed home with the kids. Thanks honey!
The wedding was beautiful, and it was sunny and beautiful, chilly, but a gorgeous day! Then we decided to stop by the reception and then head home. Jayden was wanting to eat and drink all day, and it was so hard not letting him. He was asking everyone for a drink. haha. Finally he asked grandpa, who didn't know he was sick, and he gave him a drink. Not even 5 minutes later it was all over the carpet. Sorry Jen. My sister did have some Pedialite, so we gave him a little of that and it stayed down, so we tried some more and that came back. So as we were leaving, he wanted an apple so bad, but we waited until after we left the reception. We gave it to him in the car before we left and then about an hour out he threw up. GROSS!! We pulled off on an exit to clean him up. It was so cold outside and so stinky in our car. It was NASTY!! So we got him all cleaned up and changed and found an unopened car air freshener and we opened that all the way. It was strong, but so much better. We got home about 12:30 that night. Put Jennilyn in her bed, and she slept all night and then we laid Jayden on the floor. He woke up twice. The first time he got his cup of milk out of the fridge and didn't know I was on the couch and I found him crying at the top of the stairs in the dark. He wanted more milk! I finally gave him a little, and got him to go back to sleep. Then he woke up about an hour later and wanted his water. So I gave him a drink and got him to go back to sleep. But he didn't throw up again! YAY!! So I just gave him a little throughout the day. He wasn't eating a whole lot, but he wasn't throwing up. So he NEEDED to get out of the house, so we went to my little sister Alesha's soccer game and he was feeling great. We stopped by my moms after and he ate dinner. It was just great. He was asleep when we got home so we put him in bed and he didn't wake up til 5. But he had thrown up. So I wake up Chris and he helps me, Luckily this time Jennilyn didn't wake up. I gave Jayden a bath and Chris cleaned up the crib. Then I laid on the floor with Jayden for a few more hours while we replayed the Little Einstein video over and over. He did throw up 3 or 4 times, but finally fell asleep! So we were afraid to feed him on Saturday. But he was so starving. And every time we would open the fridge or pantry or even mention anything that related to food in any way he would start whining that he was hungry. So so sad and hard. We let him eat a little and he wasn't throwing up so we decided we were good. Then at dinner he wouldn't finish his food and us SMART parents told him if he wanted any dessert he had to finish his dinner. I guess we were not thinking straight due to lack of sleep, we'll say! And he gagged and threw up. Yuck. I was like, "Oh that was dumb of us wasn't it". haha! So he is doing very well now. We are all doing better. Still working on gettting the kids to sleep all night in their own beds and taking naps. It's an ongoing process here! Jayden thinks he's done with naps, and this has happened a few times. But after a few days of NO NAP he's exhauted and will just crash anywhere. So that is our daily struggle. But every mom needs a break from her cute little monsters! That's why they take naps!
I am so grateful to a husband who doesn't mind getting dirty. There are certain parts of motherhood that I am so not a fan of and cleaning up their little messes is one of them. He was so good to just be right there cleaning up every time. Thanks babe, I love you!


Jess said...

WOW...I'm so sorry you guys had such a crazy few days!!! That so does not sound fun. A day in the life of a 'MOM' or super mom I should say :) Glad the kids are feeling better.

AAErickson said...

Poor Jayden!! It's no fun to be sick. I think it might even be worse to have to take care of sick kids. I'm not a fan of cleaning up puke either. GROSS!! I'm glad he's feeling better.

Anne said...

That was quite the weekend!!!! I'm sorry that had to happen on your trip....that makes it even harder. I am also glad that Chris helps you out. Steven doesn't usually take over, unless I am pregnant and will make a bigger mess if I tried to clean it up. He did clean up the worst mess though. (not for the weak stomach) One time we had a kid that had diarrhea with his throw up. He couldn't get both of them in the toilet....but he did get the throw up in the toilet and the other went all over the bathroom floor. Steven was nice to clean that one up for me!!! GROSS! It even went in the heater vent!!!! I hope you are all doing better now! =O)