Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Grotto

Chris' parents came into town for Mindy's graduation in August, so we had a little birthday party for Jayden while they were here! It was fun! He wasn't sick this time, so he had fun blowing out his candles!
Let's hope it was only AIR that came out of his mouth!
Afterward we hiked the Grotto with my family. It's a little waterfall up Payson canyon. Jayden just loved to run up the trail. He had a blast! He didn't want to sit still and he loved the water! He kept throwing in his sticks so that he would have to walk in to get them. haha! They are so brilliant even at such a young age! Jennilyn loved it as well. Thanks Jenn for the carrier! It was wonderful! She loved being about to feel like she was a big girl walking up there too!
Jennilyn & me
Jayden throwing his stick in the water!
Aubrey, Spencer, Camilla, Alesha, Lyndzee & Garisen hiked around to the top of the waterfall!
Big CheeseFamily Photo in the cave


Jess said...

Beautiful fall! We'll have to do that sometime...looks fun.

Anne said...

He is such a cutie!!! I'm glad that he was able to enjoy his birthday cake and all of the attention!!! Sorry we didn't make it!