Sunday, March 28, 2010


Camilla and I went with some friends to see Jason Castro from American Idol. It was so much fun! It was in this very small place. It was basically a garage. But we were able to meet him. It was so much fun! I LOVE his music! The girl who opened for him was Caitlyn Crosby. She was really good! She dated CHUCK from the tv show Chuck and he dumped her when he became famous, so all her songs were how she's still not over him. I LOVE Chuck, so I felt like I had a connection to Chuck by meeting her. Weird I know, but it was cool. Then Matt Hires was the last performance. I didn't really know him, but he was good. :)
Before the show we ate a Tucanos Brazilian Grill! I love it!
The Server tried to make Camilla and I eat a chicken heart and put it on our plate. NASTY! And NO we did NOT eat it!
Jordan talked me into trying the COD. It wasn't my favorite, but it wasn't terrible. But I would probably never get it on my own!
Summer & ICamilla, Jordan, Summer & I just before Jason came onJason walked through a door we were standing right next to and I freaked out! It was so NOT real. I'm not suppose to meet and see famous people. I only see them on TV. It was AWESOME!
Jason getting ready to sing to us!
Jason Castro. I know the hair is kinda nasty, but it was so cool to meet him
Caitlyn Crosby (CHUCK's x-girlfriend-BTW she totally hated me talking about chuck. oops.)
Matt HiresJordan, Summer me & Camilla after the concert! YAY for fun!


Clore said...

That is awesome!!!!

camillajean said...

WHATEVER!! I LOVE HIS HAIR!!!!!!! :) hehe .. I do tho! :) Remember that one time you TOUCHED it and he FAKE freaked out but I thought he for REALZ FREAKED OUT!!!! HAHAHAH!! ANd WHO was it that tripped over the heater?? Lol Sigh .. LOVE IT!! P.S. his ALBUM IS OUT!!!!!! :)