Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jennilyn's Helmet!

Jennilyn did end up getting a helmet for the flat spot on the side of her head. She was borderline on whether she NEEDED it or if it would fix itself as her head grows. But we decided to just to do it anyway. It was very interesting watching him cast her head and take the mold. First he put some nylon on her head so that it wouldn't stick to her hair.
He had a wrap that he dipped in water to make it sticky and he just wrapped it around her head.
Then waited until it dried and then he cut up the sides to take it off. So they got the shape of her head.
Her beautiful hair afterward!
The cast. He sent it out for the helmet to be made and they just create a symmetrical helmet, so that when it is on she has an air pocket on the side that is flat, so that it has room to grow into. And there is also a little air pocket in the front so our little girl will have a perfectly symmetrical head!
A few weeks after that we went in for the fitting.
They make it a little big and then he marks it and cuts it right then
Marking where he needed to cut
She was so good. She never cried through any of the casting or the fitting
She was just HAPPY
The first day we had to wear it one hour on one hour off and not during naps or nighttime. The next day it was two hours on one hour off no naps or nighttime. Then it was four hours on one hour off and naps and nighttime. Chris and I were leaving to go to Vegas 2 days after she got the helmet on so we sped up the process a little so my mom wouldn't have to deal with trying to get her use to it.
I was surprised how quickly she got use to it. It doesn't bother her at all now. She has to wear it 23 hours a day! I don't really like it, but at least she is fine with it. It has come in handy when her sweet big brother decides to hit her with things. It doesn't hurt her. But when it's off her head is much more sensitive.
Aunt Camilla came over to take some pictures of her in her helmet!
Of course Uncle Spencer had to dress it up for her. GO BYU


Clore said...

you know I think Brookie needs one those helmets...her brother likes picking on her with his toys:-) I am glad she is getting used to it!

Anne said...

That is so cool! She is such a sweet, cute little girl! Cute pictures Camilla. Of course Spencer would put a sticker on it, crazy boy!

madsens said...

i'm so glad she has done so good with it. now we'll see what matts head does

AAErickson said...

I'm glad that she's adjusting well to it! Helmet's now look a lot better than they used to. They used to be white instead of clear. It doesn't look bad at all! Love ya!

Jess said...

That's quite the process...way to go Jennilyn for not even crying! Sometimes I think Katie could use one of those just for protection from Jason! :)